I aim to build meaningful products and make it easier for other engineers to do the same.


This is my current hobby project. It's an app that lets you design your tech stack so we can print it on a shirt for you.


This open source library is a bridge between redux and a compliant JSON API. It makes getting data easy and concise, and provides an easy way to manage i18n localization.


Easily aggregate data into your analytics event tracking. It uses the React 16 context API and doesn't require DOM listeners like react-metrics .


This is a library built to help declaratively lazy load and code split components of react-intl and moment.js.

Morgan's greatest hits

This an old portfolio site built in polymer with my projects from 2010 to 2016.


This is FLIP animation library much like react-flip-toolkit . It uses react-spring under the hood and requires react hooks (v16.8 or greater).


WayUp is a job marketplace for students and recent grads.

Brickwork Software

Our software and services help drive customers to the store - via white-branded store locators and appointment booking widgets.


Upswing is an online tutoring platform - white labeled by colleges and other institutions.

Mentor Mailbox

Mentor Mailbox is an online tutoring platform in which you can text for academic and non-academic help.