Portfolio site, Part 3: Designing an animated splash page

In my last post, I broke ground on myportfolio site. In this post, Icome up with a “theme” and the graphics for a cuteanimation that will siton thesplash page.

You want a theme for your site. A theme that a) says something about you, and b) fits snug on your site.

Step 1:Stare out the window

Day dream with a vengeance. Ignore everyone that tries talking to you. Or better yet, look at them, say nothing, then go back to looking out the window (wistfully, if you can). If you have better ways of letting your coworkers know you’re in the zone, that interrupting you would be like pulling the spike out of Neo’shead before hepicks up thephone, please put them in the comments.

What kind of theme or graphics would seem cool to you. What do you like about other portfolio sites.

Set out to impress yourself

That’s this week’s platitude.

Step 2: What’s your calling card?

Here’s an exercise:

Pretend you’re a villain, and like theJoker with his playing card, you need something to leave at a crime scene so Batman knows whodunnit. What’s your callingcard?

Exercise #2:

So what that your employer gave you standard-issue business cards. Go about designing your own. Design a badass letterpress business card, fromthese, which you can find on moo.com. Like those, yourbusiness card should have just one pattern, one graphic, one theme. What’ll it be?

Step 3: Inspiration and artwork

That business card analogy is especially fitting if your site has a splash page. So, I settled on having an album cover as my calling card, and the theme for my site would be “Morgan’s Greatest Hits”. I envisioned something like the RCA cover to this album by the Strokes:

Go scouring Dribbble for freebies. Here’s what I found for inspiration:

shot<em>1288197215 7v8a3930</em>web shots<em>192</em>01

And here’s the freebie I decided to use:


Step 4: Make it your own

Whip out illustrator and get to work:


In illustrator here

Good night and good luck,

-Morgan Intrator