Designing an icon (copying an icon)

This is a short description of how I went about creating an icon (and maybe a logo).

In aprior post, I outlined the mechanisms we built for voice conferencing in the YourSigma application. This is a post script. I was looking for an icon that would describe our study group/group session/voice conferencing capability and that we could use as a button.

I started by looking for a little design inspiration In searching for “voice conferencing”, “study groups”, and so on, I found this one.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 11.39.08 AM

I liked this but wanted to make some minor adjustments. So, in illustrator I built this one:


I then fell down a rabbit hole, liking the roundtable theme so much I went looking for domain names and was going to suggest to Chris we change the name of the company, which I bought. Here’s a logo (icon and some font is all):


And, that’s my process. Maybe we’ll get the chance to use it at Upswing.