Creating a sales brochure booklet

This is a quick one. In July of last year, some of us at Upswing set out to build what we call a Sales Prospectus – a short document, professionally printed, that would describethe value proposition of our platform, how we price it, and how much our customers love it.

Like with the trifold, there was an early version, less than a year old –an MVP you might call it – in Microsoft Word. Because I’m often hell-bent on impressing mostly myself, I needed it to be redone in Adobe Design, with illustrations and photographs, printed and cut so that images could bleed off the edge, and so on.

A little earlier that month, the whole company (4 co-founders and one new hire back then) had recognized we needed to put on a more professional facade as we approached potential customers. That meant, dressing up, looking less like the scrappy startup and more like the business with pedigree in education.

So, I’m going to include a screenshot of a couple emails I sent to someone who worked with me on this. What I propose is that a startup has to find the balance between “getting shit done and doing shit well” – still a mantra of mine. And, once my coworker and I agreed to that much, it wasn’t very long before we churned out a pretty impressive piece of marketing material.


Here’s the template we started with, on Creative Market.

And here’s the finished product.